and the OUTLAWS



Artists: Bill Bares (piano); Zack Page (bass); Michael W. Davis (drums)


Style: straight-ahead jazz piano trio repertoire spanning music of the 1950s to today.

Where: the band got its start at Tressa's Jazz and Blues but has been featured on WCQS, the Johnson City Jazz Festival and the Grove Park Inn's "All that Jazz" Festival, in addition to regular appearances at the Isis and White Horse

ArtistsBill Bares (piano); Mike Holstein (bass); Justin Watt (drums)


Style: The Asheville Art Trio, or AAT, plays original music and blurs the lines between composition and improvisation. The frequent use of multimedia sets this group apart from other jazz groups in the region.

Where: The  AAT honed its sound at Ruths Chris in Biltmore on Friday nights and regularly as part of the Asheville Original Music Series, and now plays regularly in venues around Asheville.



Artists: Bill Bares (piano); Shannon Hoover (bass); Phill Bronson (drums)


Style: This group aims for a different kind of virtuosity, using syncopation, surprise and irreverence to keep the audience on its toes. Familiar tunes are introduced, mashed up and reassembled in ways designed to delight and astound. 

Where: 3 Chord Monte has worked exclusively at the Isis

ArtistsBill Bares (piano); Steve Alford (reeds); Roberta Baum (vocals)


Style: A new collective composed of veteran improvising musicians. The trio paints acoustic and electronic sonic silhouettes evoking the hum of morning and the hush of evening.


Where: Twilight has worked at the White Horse and also at the light center, Black Mountain.

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