• William Bares

Album Release: Oct 2nd

I am releasing my first trio album as a leader: You Held the Light, I Found the Sign, on October 2nd at the Isis Restaurant and Music Hall at 5:30pm. This jazz piano trio recording has a personal storyline. The title track is a tribute to those who have helped me to become more alive to signs (places, people, providence, divinity) in my life and work— a hopeful tribute to those who shine light for us whenever the way seems unclear.

Joining me for the event are longtime musical associates Mike Holstein (bass) and Justin Watt (drums). I'm really looking forward to this as the album was recorded back in 2012 at Ray Lyon's Balsam Pillow Studios and has been sitting in the vaults while I turned to other events at UNCA and promotion-wise here in Asheville. Blue Ridge Now gave me a nice bit of press here.

Book your tickets now!

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