• William Bares

Hard Bop Explosion Plays Birth of the Cool

Sunday, February 9

Isis Restaurant and Music Hall

8-11 pm

$8 / $4 students

Hard Bop Explosion, Nonet Edition



Justin Ray (trumpet); Jacob Rodriguez (bari sax); Steve Alford (alto sax) Rick Simerly (trombone); Shannon Hoover (tuba): TBA (horn) Bill Bares (piano); Zack Page (bass); Michael W. Davis (drums)

Candy for your ears! The Hard Bop Explosion builds upon last month's wildly successful tribute to Miles Davis's Kind of Blue by playing a note-for-note rendition of one of the most startlingly original albums in jazz history: the Birth of the Cool(1949-1950). The nonet recordings were revolutionary for their impressionistic style, innovative use of instrumentation, such as the use of tuba and horn, and a no-vibrato playing style which became a hallmark of Davis's later recordings. The Birth of the Cool collaboration included some of the most important names in music: Gerry Mulligan, Lee Konitz, Max Roach, John Lewis, Gil Evans, Gunther Shuller and a host of others. The heavyweights assembled for this Sunday's Jazz Showcase are just the types to do the album justice. This is a don't-miss event!

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