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"TAKE TWO": A New Series at the White Horse Black Mountain

Greetings, Asheville jazz lovers! I would like to draw your attention to a new monthly jazz series beginning this February: "Take Two: Jazz Duets at the White Horse Black Mountain." Fans of regular events like Eddie LeShure's successful Jazz Cabaret Series and the Asheville Jazz Orchestra's residency know that the White Horse is a great venue for jazz, and that the owners are very supportive of the community we have built in the Asheville area over the years.

Don Talley and Bob Hinkle approached me about starting a series that would complement existing offerings in the area, and holding a duet series came immediately to mind. First of all, I love the sound and feel of their piano. Second, I felt that a series that puts WNC's A-list jazz musicians out front, alone, with just piano accompaniment, would spotlight their individual artistry in a valuable way. We plan on recording performances and releasing them as a series patterned after Concord's "Live at Maybeck" piano series. Last, I thought that holding such a series on a Monday at 7:30 would make it noncompetitive with other jazz offerings in the area. That time slot sends the message: "it's all about the music," which I am confident you will find phenomenal. For the roster I have selected area musicians (one different instrument each month) with substantial fan base, individuality and with whom I have a good rapport. I am looking forward to widening this circle in subsequent years. On behalf of the White Horse and all the musicians who will play the series, thank you sincerely for supporting the arts in our WNC community. As long as you keep supporting live music, the quality of our musical offerings will continue to rise!

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