• William Bares

"TAKE TWO": Bill Bares + Steve Alford Duo

Monday, February 3

White Horse Black Mountain

7:30-9:30 pm

$12 / $6 students

Asheville's veteran multi-reedist and mad genius Steve Alford is going through a particularly creative period right now—ask anyone who has seen his group "Rational Discourse" push the boundaries of art and entertainment in his recent residency at the Mothlight. There are several things I really love about Steve's playing, but the thing I value the most is his love of the unconventional. He makes wonderful music with crazy clarinets and saxophones, and even these he plays in unconventional ways. His set lists look like a traffic jam in Paris. His phrasing reminds me of all the tongue twisters I've never mastered. He digs classical music, too, but always seems drawn to its darker modes and sounds. I hope you will join us on our journey through some of the hallmark compositions of this important area artist deserving of wider recognition. This will be music to expand your mind and liberate your spirit.

#whitehorse #stevealford #taketwo

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