Why is jing-mei able to get away with making a lot of mistakes on the piano?

What happens when Jing Mei plays the piano?

Jing Mei is anxious and plays poorly in front of the audience. She is relieved because this ruins her mother’s theory that she is a prodigy and it takes some of the pressure of of her and her piano playing .

How do Jing Mei’s feelings change regarding being a prodigy?

She looks in the mirror one night and sees her “ordinary face,” understanding that she would always be ordinary, and she cries and wails and screams. In this moment, in her wildness, she sees “what seemed to be the prodigy ” inside herself; she is “angry, powerful,” and she begins to become more willful.

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Why does Jing Mei make this promise to herself?

She wants to be perfect, to please her mother, and to win praise. In this moment, she realizes her own power and will , and she promises herself that she will not “let her [mother] change [her].” Jing – mei no longer wants to be pushed and stretched by her mother; she wants to be left alone.

What inferences can you make about the mothers motivation for pushing Jing Mei to be a prodigy?

What inferences can you make about the mother’s motivation for pushing Jing – mei to be a prodigy ? The mother as a first generation immigrant in the US from warn torn China believes in the American dream; the possibility of a rags to riches story.

What does Jing Mei say to hurt her mother in their last struggle over the piano lessons?

What does Jing – mei’s mother want for her daughter? What does Jing – mei say to hurt her mother in their last struggle over the piano lessons ? Jing – mei said that she wished she ( Jing – mei ) would be dead like the other babies her mother lost. Identify the story’s central conflict, and tell what causes it.

What hurtful remark does Jing Mei say to her mother after their big argument?

141–142). While arguing with her mother , though, Jing – mei makes a hurtful statement that devastates her mother . She says , “I wish I’d never been born! I wish I were dead!

What are two kinds of daughters?

The title ” Two Kinds ” is referred to by Jing-Mei’s mother when she stated that there are only two kinds of daughters : “Those who are obedient and those who follow their own mind!” She gives an example of the kind of daughter that she wants Jing-Mei to be, and the kind that Jing-Mei is being.

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What reasons does Jing Mei’s mother give for offering Jing Mei the piano for her thirtieth birthday?

Jing – mei continues to fail her mother as she grows up until her mother gives her the old piano for her thirtieth birthday as a gesture of forgiveness.

What does Jing Mei’s mother finally decide to do to help Jing Mei become a prodigy?

What does Jing – Mei’s mother finally decide to do to help Jing – Mei become a prodigy ? To help Jing – Mei become a prodigy , she signed her up for piano lessons and made her go everyday. She even bought her a piano to practice at home.

When Jing Mei sees her prodigy side in the mirror she realizes that she?

According to Jing – Mei’s mother, what are the two kinds? She doesn’t want to be changed. When Jing – Mei sees her ” prodigy side” in the mirror , she realizes what? She wishes she could die just like her mother’s babies ( She wishes she wasn’t her daughter).

How is Jing Mei characterized?

As the story begins, Jing – mei is an affable, agreeable child who wants to make her ambitious mother proud by adopting different persona, from a “Chinese Shirley Temple” to a precocious magician who can find the Queen in any deck of cards, to a piano-playing prodigy.

What is the main conflict between Jing Mei and her mother?

The conflict between Jing – mei and her mother is over Jing – mei’s piano lessons. Jing – mei does not want to play anymore, but her mother wants her to become a prodigy. When Jing – mei’s mother decides she should be a prodigy, Jing – mei is on board at first.

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