Who wrote piano man

Who originally wrote piano man?

Билли Джоэл

What was Piano Man written about?

” Piano Man ” is based on Joel’s real-life experiences as a lounge musician in Los Angeles from 1972–73, which he had decided to pursue in an effort to escape his contracted New York City-based record company at the time, Family Productions, following the poor commercial performance of the album Cold Spring Harbor.

Did Billy Joel write his own songs?

Across the 20 years of his solo career, Joel produced 33 Top 40 hits in the U.S., all of which he wrote himself, and three of which (“It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me”, “Tell Her About It”, and “We Didn’t Start the Fire”) managed to peak at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

Who sang the Piano Man?

Билли Джоэл

How much does Billy Joel make per show?

Billy Joel Career Earnings: Between June 2017 and June 2018, Billy Joel earned $45 million. In the same period between 2017 and 2019, he earned $50 million. When Billy undergoes a residency, such as his multi-year Madison Square Garden residencies, he can easily earn $2-3 million per show .

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What is the tempo of Piano Man?

89 Beats Per Minute

Who was Billy Joel married to?

Alexis Roderick m. 2015 Katie Lee m. 2004–2010 Christie Brinkley m. 1985–1994 Elizabeth Weber m. 1973–1982

What key is piano man in?

C major

What was Billy Joel’s first song?

Piano Man

What is Billy Joel’s real name?

William Martin Joel

How Old Is Billy Ocean right now?

70 years (January 21, 1950)

How Old Is Billy Joel now?

71 years (May 9, 1949)

Where is Billy Joel from?

The Bronx, New York, NY

When was the Piano Man released?


When was we didn’t start the fire released?


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