Where do the piano guys live

Are the piano guys Mormon?

All four are devout members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Each of them served full-time proselyting missions: Anderson in Washington state, Schmidt in Norway, and Nelson and van der Beek in separate missions in Korea. They have 16 children between them.

Are the piano guys related?

Technically, the Piano Guys are the duo of pianist Jon Schmidt and cellist Steven Sharp Nelson, but they’re also a 21st century multimedia collective that includes Paul Anderson and studio engineer and writer Al van der Beek. The Piano Guys began in St. George, Utah, where Anderson owned a piano shop.

How did the piano guys get started?

The beginnings of the group were formed when Jon Schmidt, a piano player, met Paul Anderson, a piano dealer in St. George. Anderson would provide pianos for Schmidt to perform and practice on during performances in the area. “That was the start of something amazing,” Schmidt said.

Who are the members of The Piano Guys?

Джон Шмидт Стивен Шарп Нельсон Виолончель Аль ван дер Бек Тель Стюарт Пол Андерсон

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How much do the piano guys make?

It is able to get an average of 650,000 views per day from different sources. This should generate an estimated revenue of around $1,200 per day ($440,000 a year) from the ads that appear on the videos. The Piano Guys make even more income through doing live performances during different occasions and events.

How did The Piano Guys daughter Annie died?

Annie’s body was found Nov. 11, 2016. Her remains were found near the bottom of a cliff near Munra Point. Officials later ruled her death accidental, saying they believed she slipped and fell from the cliffs above and died on impact.

What happened to the piano guys daughter?

Her death was ruled accidental. Nearly a month after The Piano Guys co-founder Jon Schmidt’s daughter 21-year-old Annie Schmidt went missing in Oregon, it has been confirmed she died while hiking. The younger Schmidt’s body was found at the bottom of a cliff below Munra Point in the Columbia River Gorge.

When did the piano guys start?


How many cellos do the piano guys have?

Sixteen cellos

How old is Jon Schmidt?

54 years (July 10, 1966)

How old is Steven Sharp Nelson?

43 years (July 5, 1977)

How many cellos does Steven Sharp Nelson have?

29 cellos

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