When did piano man come out

Who originally wrote piano man?

Билли Джоэл

How old was Billy Joel when piano man came out?

Although his father was an accomplished classical pianist, it was Joel’s mother who pushed the young boy to study piano . He began playing at the age of four and showed an immediate aptitude for the instrument. By the time he was 16, Billy Joel was already a pro, having joined his third band before he could drive.

What was Piano Man written about?

” Piano Man ” is based on Joel’s real-life experiences as a lounge musician in Los Angeles from 1972–73, which he had decided to pursue in an effort to escape his contracted New York City-based record company at the time, Family Productions, following the poor commercial performance of the album Cold Spring Harbor.

What was Billy Joel’s first song?

Piano Man

WHO has recorded piano man?

Billy Joel

Who has Billy Joel been married to?

Alexis Roderick m. 2015 Katie Lee m. 2004–2010 Christie Brinkley m. 1985–1994 Elizabeth Weber m. 1973–1982

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Did Elton John write any of his own songs?

Without question he fits the classification of “singer/songwriter” like few others. He is the composer of virtually all his hit recorded songs . He and lyric writer , Bernie Taupin, comprise one of the longest-running and most successful songwriting teams of all time.

Does Billy Joel have children?

Alexa Ray Joel Daughter Della Rose Joel Remy Anne Joel

How Old Is Billy Ocean right now?

70 years (January 21, 1950)

What is the tempo of Piano Man?

89 Beats Per Minute

What key is piano man in?

C major

What time signature is Pianoman?


What is Billy Joel’s best selling song?

1 in July 1980 with “It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me.” His other two chart-toppers, among 13 top 10s: “Tell Her About It,” in 1983, and “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” in 1989. Joel has also earned four No. 1 albums on the Billboard 200, with his longest-leading, 1978’s 52nd Street, reigning for eight weeks.

What is Billy Joel’s real name?

William Martin Joel

How old is Alexis Roderick?


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