How to solve the piano puzzle in undertale

How do you solve the piano puzzle in Undertale?

The Piano Puzzle From there, “Memory” plays, and the player must play the first eight notes of the song on the piano . The solution to this puzzle is “Neutral [•], Up [↑], Right [→], Neutral [•], Down [↓], (Neutral [•],) Down [↓], and Right [→].”

How do you get the Flower Bridge in Undertale?

I can pick the flowers up, and then drop them into the water. When I do , they float in a straight line, until they hit dry land or another flower . They form a bridge !

Can you get Temmie armor in genocide?

The protagonist cannot obtain this on the Genocide Route as the option to pay for college is replaced with “premiem” Temmie Flakes. After unlocking the Temmie Armor , the Temmie Shopkeeper explains that while the armor is amazing, it can and will ruin the experience of combat.

Can you spare Mad dummy?

ACT commands have no impact on the battle, and the protagonist cannot spare Mad Dummy . To defeat it, the protagonist must maneuver their SOUL and redirect the bullets so that they hit Mad Dummy instead. This is only needed when they use dummies that are not robotic.

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What is the easiest Undertale song to play on piano?

Memory is also fairly simple, and also contains one of the best motifs in the game :P. I mean, I think Once Upon a Time is easy, but Your Best Friend is also pretty easy. If you want a song with the Undertale melody, try Memory, because the bass part is easy and the treble part is just the same thing pretty much.

What key is Megalovania in?

D minor

What instrument does Megalovania use?


How do you spare Temmie?

To spare Temmie , the protagonist must talk to her or feed her Temmie Flakes. Flexing at Temmie results in her departure and is soon replaced by Aaron. Notably, this Aaron can be spared by flexing once as opposed to thrice. Sparing Temmie using any method rewards the yellow text in the True Pacifist Ending Credits.

How do you befriend Undyne?

1 Answer. In order to truly befriend Undyne , you need to “date” Papyrus and befriend him, then go to Undyne’s house in Waterfall (near Napstablook’s house right after the trash zone). Talk to Papyrus to initiate the hangout with Undyne . You also have to have not killed a single other monster during your playthrough.

How do you get past the waterfall in Undertale?

Keep heading east and you’ll come to a save point. Talk to Sans and accept his invitation to Grillby’s and listen to his story, then return here and keep heading east. Cross the waterfall avoiding the rocks that will push you off the edge, and enter the next area.

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