How to slow down piano tiles 2

Why is piano tiles 2 gone?

Piano Tiles 2 was a music arcade game, created by Hu Wen Zeng. It was published by the Entertainment department of Cheetah Mobile. It has been removed from Google’s Play Store in early March 2020 due to dangerous adware and malware files found in Cheetah Mobile’s applications.

What is the hardest song on piano tiles 2?

Christmas Zoo

How can I get faster at piano tiles?

Piano Tiles – Top 10 Tips, Tricks and Cheats 10: Alternate your fingers as often as possible. Always remember to use more than one finger playing this game. 9: Try to keep a consistent pace to prevent mistakes. 8: Watch out for the speed increases in Arcade and Rush mode. 7: Change the tile movement to optimize your score. 6: Set the “ take a break” alarm.

How do you level up fast in piano tiles 2?

In order to gain experience levels , you’ll need to earn experience points. It’s as simple as that – you’re playing for experience, so go ahead and gain it! You’ll be able to do that by playing songs that you haven’t previously played, and beating the levels where the song is contained.

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How do you play piano tiles on keyboard?

Don’t Step The White Tile ( Piano Tile ). Don’t touch any white tile ! Tap the lowest black tiles and get 50 ones as soon as possible. You can play the game with Mouse or Keyboard with buttons ( A, S, D, F).

Is Cheetah Mobile gone?

Cheetah Mobile’s Clean Master was removed from Google Play in 2018. Nearly two years after Clean Master, an app promising antivirus protection and private browsing was removed from Google’s Play Store, a new report has claimed that the app might be still causing trouble for its past and present users.

Is Piano tiles 2 on Google Play?

Piano Tiles 2 is available for free on Google Play as well as Apple’s App Store.

Which piano tiles is the best?

Looking for the best piano games on Android? Based on what users have had to say, here are 10 worth checking out. Piano Tiles 2 . Magic White Piano: Music Tiles. Don’t Tap The White Tile . White Tiles 4: Classic Piano. Happy Piano – Rhythm Tap Tiles. Piano Music Tiles 2: Romance. Piano Star. Piano Challenges 2 Magic Tiles.

What’s the fastest song on piano tiles 2?

Polka 2111

What is the record for piano tiles?


Is Piano tiles bad for your eyes?

But do not play too much constantly. Give rest to eyes frequently while playing or else instead of increasing your concentration power it might affect your eyes . As the tiles pass down very fast, you will be required to concentrate on each tiles to click on it with very quick reaction of your fingers.

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What is the fastest song in magic tiles 3?

Facts. The slowest song is Kiss The Rain (in section and overall) while the fastest in overall is Star Clock but in section is Christmas Rhapsody.

What is the hardest song on magic tiles 3?

Dance Monkey

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