How to play salsa piano

What is a piano montuno?

Sometimes referred to as a piano montuno , these grooves usually consist of a repetitive rhythmic figure or theme and generally found in Latin or Afro-Cuban music. The piano montuno is a sort of syncopated comping pattern that outline a chord or chords within a piece of music.

What is Latin rhythm?

The main emphasis of Latin music is on the rhythm , which is strong and central to the composition of the music. The most typical rhythmic pattern is called the clave, and there are actually two types – the son clave and rumba clave. So, that’s Latin music.

What does montuno mean in Spanish?

Literally, montuno means ‘comes from the mountain’, and so son montuno may refer to the older type of son played in the mountainous rural areas of Oriente. Another possibility is that the word montuno comes from the word montura, the Spanish word for “saddle”, because the rhythm in son music is like riding a horse.

Which instrument plays the Tumbao or Marcha in Cuban music?

conga pattern

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