How to play piano man

How did Billy Joel learn piano?

Born in the Bronx and raised in the suburbs of Hicksville, he started studying piano at age four, following in the footsteps of his father, a classically-trained pianist . So Joel put the classical lessons behind him, and he soon found his footing playing popular piano music to receptive crowds.

What key is piano man in?

До мажор

Did Billy Joel take piano lessons?

Joel was born in 1949 in the Bronx, New York, and grew up on Long Island, both places that influenced his music. Growing up, he took piano lessons at the insistence of his mother.

What key is piano man in for harmonica?


What was Piano Man written about?

” Piano Man ” is based on Joel’s real-life experiences as a lounge musician in Los Angeles from 1972–73, which he had decided to pursue in an effort to escape his contracted New York City-based record company at the time, Family Productions, following the poor commercial performance of the album Cold Spring Harbor.

What kind of piano does Elton John use?

Yamaha Disklavier® grand pianos

Who is Billy Joel’s wife?

Alexis Roderick m. 2015 Katie Lee m. 2004–2010 Christie Brinkley m. 1985–1994 Elizabeth Weber m. 1973–1982

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WHO has recorded piano man?

Billy Joel

What is the tempo of Piano Man?

89 Beats Per Minute

When was we didn’t start the fire released?


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