How to play fake love on piano

What is the easiest BTS song to play on piano?

As an experience Piano player and Long Term ARMY. I would say Fake Love, or if you’re more into Detail, butterfly, and Young love.

What is the easiest BTS dance?

I think the easiest choreos are War of Hormone, Baepsae, 21st CG, Go Go. You can always find a good tutorial for BTS dances . Try to maybe show your progress to your friends or relatives (they may point out small mistakes that you didn’t see), and the most important: practice and have fun with it!

What’s the easiest BTS song to learn?

Also, special mention to Boy with luv, Anpanman, GoGo and spring day . These songs are much easier for the rap verse too. These songs were pretty easy for me to learn : MAKE IT RIGHT. WASTE IT ON ME ( FT.STEVE AOKI ) ANPANMAN. THE TRUTH UNTOLD. MIKROKOSMOS. SPRING DAY. LOVE MYSELF. JAMAIS VU.

Does simply piano have BTS songs?

NEW SONG IN SIMPLY PIANO iOS: “Boy with Luv” by BTS & Halsey.

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