How to play careless whisper on piano

What are the notes for Careless Whisper?

These pitches – D, F, A, C, and E – make a D minor 9 (Dm9) chord.

What tempo is Careless Whisper in?

66 Beats Per Minute

Who can it be now on alto sax?

Kevin Busse ” Who Can It Be Now ?” Sheet Music ( Alto Saxophone Solo) in Bb Minor – Download & Print – SKU: MN0183520.

Is Careless Whisper alto or tenor sax?

Careless Whisper [George Michael] – Tenor .

What songs can you play on the alto sax?

Our best-selling Alto Saxophone sheet music

# Title Artist
1 Last Christmas Wham!
2 All I Want for Christmas Is You Carey, Mariah
3 Take Five – Alto Saxophone The Dave Brubeck Quartet
4 Mary, Did You Know? – Eb Instrument Lowry, Mark

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