How to mix piano

Where do you pan a piano in mix?

Suggested Panning Positions

Instrument Comment
Acoustic Guitar If the acoustic guitar has been double tracked or recorded in stereo pan the two tracks hard left and hard right
Piano For a stereo recording of the piano , pan the two tracks left and right. If recorded in mono try panning just off centre.

How do you compress a piano?

If you’re wanting to preserve much of the dynamic range of your piano track, it’s best to try a smoother compression . Try setting the threshold to around -7dB, the ratio at 3:1, the attack at 10ms and the release at around 1,000ms. If you want to make it more aggressive, drop the threshold down and make the ratio 2:1.

What goes well with piano?

Re: What instrument sounds best with piano? I find that Violin , Saxophone and Cello are the easiest instruments to work with. Also oboe and trombone. Clarinet, Viola, Horn, and Bass are the most difficult to work with.

How do you brighten up a piano?

Hammer Iron To Brighten The Tone Another technique piano technicians will use is a combination of damp hammer and heat. Often referred to as a hammer iron, you can use the tool to brighten up the tone. The iron is shaped to the hammers so that it can distribute an even amount of heat to the felt.

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Why does my piano sound tinny?

Each time a key is played, your piano’s strings are struck with a hammer composed of highly compressed wool felt. This is the most likely cause of an excessively bright and tinny sounding piano . New pianos sometimes come from the factory with an overly bright, less than pleasing tone.

How do I make my piano less bright?

On many newer pianos in homes the hammers can be reshaped to be as good as new. Reshaping the hammers would take away much of the bright harsh sound and give the piano a more mellow controllable sound . A tuner can tune a piano with reshaped hammers better as it is not so bright and piercing on the ears.

Do guitar and piano sound good together?

Any of the above would work much better then having the guitar and keyboard / piano both going hard over the same chords. Both playing the same chords at the same time will sound messy, however separating them out can sound nice in a track.

How do you mix a solo piano?

Mixing Piano : 10 Steps to a Mind-Blowing Tone Step 1: GIRATS! ( or Get It Right at the Source) Step 2: Take the School Bus. Step 3: Check Your Phase. Step 4: Get Your Balance Right. Step 4.5: Never Solo . Step 5: Cut Your Lows. Step 6: Find the Nasty Stuff with EQ. Step 7: Rein It in with Compression.

How do you mix instruments together?

Slice and Dice with EQ Cut – Cut the same frequency in the snare drum to make the two instruments sit better. Boost – Boost the snare a few frequencies higher to mask the effect of clashing instruments . Reduce – Lower the volume of either instrument to make the clashes sound less severe.

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How can I make my MIDI piano sound more realistic?

How to make midi piano sound more realistic ? Setting the velocity of your MIDI notes (Dynamics) Use Sustain to make your MIDI piano sound more realistic . Quantizing the timing of your MIDI performance. Add some Groove to your MIDI Piano . Selecting the right Sample. Using Limiting and Compression to even out the volume of your piano track.

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