How to measure a baby grand piano

What is the size of a baby grand piano?

Baby grand pianos are from 4′ 6″ in length up to 5’3″ in length . They weigh approximately 550 lbs. Medium grand pianos are usually from 5’5″ in length up to 6’3″ in length . They weigh approximately 600 lbs.

Are all baby grand pianos the same size?

Dimensions of Baby Grand Pianos Baby grand piano dimensions are typically about 4’11”to 5’11”, whereas the petite grand stands stand at 4’5” to 4’10”. The width of all the baby grand pianos is 5′. The dimension of the tail is usually about 3′ wide.

What is the weight of a baby grand piano?

Grand pianos can weigh anywhere from 500 to 1200 lbs . Baby grand pianos are 4 foot 6 inches to 6 foot 6 inches long and they can weigh between 500 and 800 lbs . But longer grand pianos weigh much more and should always be moved by professionals because the piano dollies have about an 800 – 900 lb. weight restriction.

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What are the measurements of a piano?

While pianos vary quite considerably in height and length, pianos are roughly all the same width ; 150cm, 59in or just under 5ft. You’ll be pleased to know that whichever piano you choose to buy, it will be roughly the same width . This applies to grand pianos , upright pianos, and some digital pianos.

How do you transport a baby grand piano?

Moving a grand piano begins with disassembling and safely packing all of the parts that can be removed from the body of the piano . Then, wrap every part safely in blankets or moving pads. Strap the wrapped piano firmly upright in the body of a moving truck, so that it won’t be damaged during the move .

How long does a baby grand piano last?

40-60 years

What are the best baby grand pianos?

The Top 15 Best Baby Grand Pianos and How to Evaluate Them Bösendorfer 155 Austrian Made. Baldwin Model M1 Chinese Made. Weber 150 Chinese Made. Yamaha C1X Japanese Made. Hailun HG151 Asian Performance Piano . Kawai GX1 High Tech Piano . Steinway Model S Most Famous. About Euro Pianos Naples.

How much does it cost to tune a baby grand piano?

Regular piano tuning is a necessary service for anyone who wants to keep and use a piano for any length of time. It’s part of the cost of ownership. The average price to tune a piano ranges from $65 to $225 , and the cost can increase by several hundred dollars if the piano requires multiple tuning sessions or repairs.

Are baby grand pianos better than uprights?

The short answer is that they are so different that it’s almost surprising that they are both called pianos . One commonly held misconception is that grands sound better than uprights . In fact, a small grand piano , around the 5′ mark, will have shorter strings and a smaller soundboard than a tallish upright .

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How much does a 5 foot baby grand piano weigh?

Baby grand pianos weigh anywhere between 500-600 lbs. They are a very popular type of piano at 5 ′- 5 ‘6″ (152cm-168cm) in length.

How much does tuning a piano cost?

What is the cost of a piano tuning? A standard piano tuning is $230.00 including GST. Regardless of what type of piano you have, our tuning costs start from $230 . This includes tuning to concert pitch and pitch raise if needed.

Can my floor support a piano?

Will my floors support a grand piano ? Most vertical pianos weigh between 350 and 650 pounds, grands between 500 and 1,000 pounds. Most floors should be able to support that easily. If in doubt, consult a building engineer.

What are the 3 types of pianos?

Pianos can be broken down into three types of categories. Grand pianos , Upright pianos , and digital pianos.

Are spinet pianos bad?

A spinet pianos is a style of upright that has a drop-down action. The small soundboards, short strings and compromised action design make spinets terrible pianos for any player. Consequently, you will see a lot of them for sale in classified ads and low quality piano stores.

How wide is a console piano?

around 43 inches and 58 inches

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