Music Experiementalism

The experimental and interdisciplinary spirit of Black Mountain College lives on at UNC Asheville. In addition to mentoring many students who have gone on to careers in experimental music composition, performance and promotion, I have directed several experimental music ensembles that have integrated New Media, instruments built in our STEAM studios, and electronics engineered in our UNCA Moog Studio. As a member of the Black Mountain College Legacy Fellows  committee, I sponsored a visit by world famous experimental philosopher, conceptual artist, and Buckminster Fuller biographer, Jonathon Keats. We taught a course together called "Music Experimentalism at UNC Asheville" that culminated in a a) presentation at the Black Mountain College Museum in downtown Asheville, b) an art exhibition in Ramsey Library at UNCA; and c) a final "Copernican Orchestra" concert in UNCA's Lipinsky Auditorium. Our class project is described below:

Society / Journal of the Copernican Arts

Building upon this successful collaboration, Keats and I have been exploring the establishment of a Society for the Copernican Arts. Our first step was to conceptualize a journal, edited by me, that integrated the semester's productive labors. Contributions from students and faculty made this an entertaining and provocative compilation. Our future endeavors can be tracked at

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