Radio  Appearances

Jazz in Asheville

"Acoustic Asheville: The Core" (MountainXpress, Aug 31, 2019)

”Best of WNC 2017: The Core: Best Jazz Band)” (MountainXpress, Aug 7, 2019)

UNCA Pays Tribute to ECM Records at White Horse” (MountainXpress, May 9, 2019 )

“Bill Bares CD Release to Feature Asheville Art Trio” (Hendersonville Times-News/, Sept 30, 2016).

“Key of Bares”  (Bold Life, Mar 2015)


“Musical Contrasts in Asheville’s Burgeoning Jazz Scene”

(CVNC: An Online Arts Journal in North Carolina, Feb 14, 2014)

“Big Band Theory” (Mountain Xpress, Aug 28, 2013)

Featured artist, “Asheville Jazz Unlimited” (MAIN FM 103.7, Aug 14, 2013)

”Best of WNC 2013 (Hard Bop Explosion: Best Jazz Band)” (Mountain Xpress, Aug 7, 2013)

“Sunday Jazz Showcase at Isis” (Laurel of Asheville web exclusive; Nov 2013)

“Jazz Profile: Bill Bares” (Rapid River Magazine, May 2013)

“Golden Age” (Mountain Xpress, March 5, 2013)

“On an Upward Swing” (UNCA Magazine Feature; March 2013)

“Rhapsody in Blue” (Take 5 Hot Picks, April 13, 2012)

UNCA Big Band Featuring Cory Pesaturo (Asheville Citizen Times, Feb 11, 2012)

UNCA Radiohead Big Band Concert (Asheville Citizen Times, Oct 15, 2011)

Experimental / Copernican Music

“Jonathon Keats in Concert: Copernican Music Composition” (UNC Asheville Press Release). 

“Act Locally, Think?” (UNC Asheville Press Release, April­ 19).

Jonathon Keats Unveils his Universal Orchestra” (Blue Banner, April 25, 2018)

Ecomusic / Ecomusicologies 2014

“UNC Asheville Assistant Professor Tunes into Music and the Environment” (Blue Banner, Feb 22, 2016).

Jeff Todd Titon, “Ecomusicologies 2014 and the Sounds of Plants,” Sustainable Music Blog, November 30, 2014.

—————, “Ecomusicologies 2014 and Birdsong,” Sustainable Music Blog, November 24, 2014.

Ecomusics 2014 Brings World-Renowned Musicians and Scholars to UNC Asheville, Oct. 2–6  (UNCA Press, Fall 2014)

The Nature of Music – Student Ecomusic Ensemble Readies for Role in Conference  (UNCA Press, Fall 2014)

UNC Asheville Greenfest: Greenway Opening, Music, More  (Asheville Citizen-Times, Fall 2014)

Details on UNC Asheville’s biggest-ever Greenfest (Mountain Xpress, Fall 2014)

​“Ecomusic: Environmental Science and Music” (UNCAsheville Magazine, Fall 2014)

Radio Interview, Ecomusicologies Conference (WCQS, Oct 1, 2014)

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